We’re on a Mission for Health

I know, I know.  Not another “health blog.”  We’re all so sick of it, I’m sure.  But we’re not just any other healthy blog, and we’re certainly not what you think.

We’re here to get you HEALTHY but do so MENTALLY.  Yep.  While physical health is vital, our mental health these days seems to be not doing so well.  I find it no coincidence that our generation of parents all were super crazy about working out and working- and most of them are divorced, unhappy, and dare I say it- actually clinically crazy.

Ohhhhh Gurl- them be fighten words!  I know, you’re either going to love me or hate me.  But you’ll learn more as you read. I have theories, thoughts, and solutions.  Just wait- we’ll post our first big blog next week!