Healthy Everyday Smoothie Ingredients 

 Minimalism, the word that brings images of simplicity, so when it comes to the smoothie scheme of things minimal ingredients can sure surprise you.  

Since we all love smoothies it is quite fine to babble a bit about something smoothie related, right?  

 What do you remember most about the last smoothie that you had? I am sure it must be the flavor, yup! No one can forget a great flavor when they taste one for sure.  

It’s no different here, putting together ingredients to achieve maximum flavor is the aim of any smoothie recipe. It need not be an endless list of ingredients from the top of the Himalayas to the roots of the Savannah. Just three items can get you there. 


 Yes, you can get a surprisingly crisp, creamy and satisfying smoothie with just 3 ingredients that you come across every day. 

 Three ingredients that are quite healthy, but when put together taste like your dream dessert. What a way to kick-start your day! 

 1. Strawberries

Strawberries are the fruits from ancient times. Valued by the ancient Romans for their medicinal value, an ideal ingredient for your nutritious, low fat, low calorie all day snack. 

For your smoothies, always use the strawberries in a frozen state. Frozen strawberries will act as a thickener for your smoothie. Keep a decent stash of them in your freezer ready for your next smoothie attack.  

 2 .Milk

Milk is the base for any fantastic smoothie. Since milk for smoothies comes in many forms, the one you choose can be the source of sweet flavor, nutritional lift, or unmatched creaminess. 

From Soy, coconut, hemp, dairy to almond, your choice of milk depends on your preference. It shouldn’t be much of a fuss though, as long as it is fresh, enjoy making your incredible smoothie. 

 3. Bananas

For the love of bananas! Bananas are not just delicious, they are easy to get. A trip to your local market or green store and bananas you have.  

 At the top of my grocery list sits the bananas, they have a variety of health benefits to offer. No wonder bananas are a favorite ingredient in many recipes for green smoothies.  

Wait there is more! 

 Bananas make a perfect smoothie base; the creaminess that results when they are blended is unique to them. Their flavor also is complementary mixing well with other fruits like pineapples, strawberries, apples, pears the list includes any other fruit out there really! 

Bananas will be my pick for you should you be making a green smoothie for the first time. Since bananas can mask the bitter flavors of bitter greens such as kale, you will definitely end up with a deliciously flavored smoothie. 


Should you be making smoothies your friends, family, or other special guests remember quite a number of people are have food allergies. For most of these allergic food reactions, soy, and milk are the main culprits sending several people for emergency medical attention. 

Take an extra caution and ask about any allergies before preparing that awesome fruit flavored smoothie for your guest.